serverapp crashes when referring to INTERNAL win8.1 appx


Hi Antoine,
I LOVE your Project, very cool approoach, most of it is working for me and some of my customers.
using Windows 8.1 Enterprise activated and Domain joined etc., so NO sideloading issues (!)

even using your W8CS XML Generator.exe clicking on the tile to start / install that app (in my case a simple sdk camera control sample) your serverapp.exe CRASHES with "unknown software error" (0xe0434352)

part of the storesturcture.xml:

<ShortDescription><![CDATA[Camera Settings SDK Sample]]></ShortDescription>

(btw.: logo link works fine!, cool concept fpor customizing the whole Thing ...)

if i use the following XML part (Windows 8 app) it works as designed, means starts the Windows store app (no app there), but i can install it via an iis box using powershell, afterwards the LOCAL user appx starts.
    <ShortDescription><![CDATA[Simple Camera Options SDK Sample]]></ShortDescription>

any idea?

do you still work on your project (e.g. for Windows 8.1)?

thx & cu
rainer from Germany


AntoineJ wrote Sep 19, 2014 at 9:02 AM

Hi Rainer,

I'm not developping this project anymore, but you can find the source code Under the "source code" menu on codeplex. But I'm glad to see that you like it :)

For your issue, in the xml samples you provide your are using two different type of Modern application, the first one is a "Windows store app" you've developed (or some has for you, so you have the appx file), the second one is a real "Windows store app" located in the Windows Store. So it's hard to understand the issue.

But on the other hand, on the first xml sample you provided, you forgot to enter the Path where to find the appx file. You should try to add the path to your appx to check if that fix your issue.

Finnally, launching a modern App from a desktop app is not supported by Microsoft, so this might be disabled in future Windows release (but it should work on Windows 8.1 as far as I know)

Tell me if fixing the path resolve your issue



schiffne wrote Oct 12, 2015 at 1:36 PM

Hi Antoine,

I hope you are able to reply. I was trying to start a local exe like notepad.exe but I was not able to do so. Can you please send me an example, which will work.

Many thanks