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Trying to use windows 8 store desktop client to install on the client PC



I am trying to deploy a app through an internal web app store. How do I execute the serverApp downloaded from the desktop client ? When i run the files it just opens a ServerApp exe file and clicking on this gives a text editor. Can you elaborate a little on the company store desktop client to use to install LOB apps within the enterprise ?



AntoineJ wrote Aug 24, 2013 at 10:54 PM

Hi kits3454,

That's a good idea to create a web app store. You should be able to use the desktop client from your web page by launching a link like this:
daipp://internalWin8App?identity=[APPX_IDENTITY]?app=[APPID]?Path=[PATH TO THE APPX]
like described here
you can also find the explaination about the Appx_identity, appID fields on this link.

Note that you can easily create a link like that using the XML Generator from the download page.

If this is still unclear, tell me and I will try complete my answer.


kits3454 wrote Aug 26, 2013 at 4:10 PM

Hi AntoineJ,

Thanks for your response. I tried the approach you mentioned and was successfully able to install the app. That worked great. Just a quick question on the updates piece, how does this client support app updates? Do I need to generate a new daipp:// link and re-run it ? For windowsRT does it need sideloading key to run the client and install the app?

Appreciate your time.


AntoineJ wrote Aug 28, 2013 at 8:45 AM

To update your apps hosted on a file share that's super easy ;).

You just need to have a file named "version.txt" that will contain the version number of the app. If you update the version of your app, just update the version.txt file also with the new version number and the application will get updated next time the user click on it within the companystore.

This process is explained here