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Personalize the Windows 8 Company Store application

Get the Windows 8 Company Store to personalize package:
Unzip it in a directory


  • Change the logo you want in the Assets folder. Pay attention to the logo size!
    • Logo24x24.png the notification logo (not used),
    • Logo30x30.png the logo used for the Win+Tab thing when a preview us not available,
    • Logo50x50.png the store logo (not used),
    • Logo150x150.png the small tile logo,
    • Logo310x150.png the large tile logo,
    • Logo620x300.png the splash screen logo (don't forget to change the splash screen color)
  • Define a default StoreStructure.xml directly in the Assets folder. This file will be used when there is no StoreStructure.xml file located in the user profile.
  • Define application name directly in the AppxManifest.xml file by changing the “DisplayName” tag, the DisplayName attribute of the VisualElements tag and the ShortName attribute of the DefaultTile tag. Attention, do not change the application Name tag or your application might to work.

<Identity ProcessorArchitecture="neutral" Version="" Publisher="CN=YOUR PUBLISHER NAME" Name="58460AntoineJ.Windows8CompanyStore"/>
     <DisplayName>YOUR APPLICATION NAME</DisplayName>
    <Application EntryPoint="Enterprise_Store.App" Executable="CompanyStore.exe" Id="App">
          <VisualElements ToastCapable="true" BackgroundColor="#5B9BD5" ForegroundText="light" Description="My company application portal" SmallLogo="Assets\Logo30x30.png" Logo="Assets\Logo150x150.png" DisplayName="Windows 8 Company Store">
               <DefaultTile ShortName="YOUR APPLICATION NAME" WideLogo="Assets\Logo310x150.png" ShowName="noLogos"/>
               <SplashScreen BackgroundColor="YOUR SPLASHSCREEN COLOR IN HEXA" Image="Assets\Logo620x300.png"/>

Create the appx package

Once customize, you can create an application package using the following command line:
Makeappx.exe pack /d [path to the unzipped directory] /p [path to the appx file to create]

More information on makeapp.exe here

Sign the application package

Now that you have your application package you need to sign it to be able to deploy it. Here is the command line to sign your certificate:
Signtool.exe sign /a /v /fd SHA256 /f [path to your certificate.pfx] /p [the password of the pfx file] [path to the appx package to sign]

Know that your application package is customized and signed you can install it to your computers (the certificate you have used must be trusted).

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