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Project Description

This project is design to help companies deploy Windows 8 by providing an Internal Store where they will be able to:

•             Deploy Internal Modern UI applications from an internal file share or using the Windows 8 Company Store client (this requires side loading rights). Works even on Windows RT with the new Windows RT client

•             Access Windows Store applications (this requires a Microsoft Account and access to the Windows Store):

-             open the Store on the application page, or

-             open the store if the application is missing, launch it otherwise

•             Share links to internal/external web sites

This store can be filled using a simple XML file held in the user profile. File that could be updated using GPO.

Finally, companies will also be able to deliver news using two streams (RSS/Atom) of information.


Follow us directly on CodePlex or on Twitter @W8CompanyStore.

Comments or feature requests could be done on the discussion page, by mail at: W8CS "at" or direcly in the app in the settings charm (soon).

This project is not related with my activity within Microsoft and it is not supported by Microsoft. By using it you also acknowledge the license and you are agree to use it at your own risk.

Download info

Between the 29/1/13 and the 18/4/13

The application has been downloaded more than 3000 times on the Windows Store and more than 500 times on CodePlex.

Please give feebacks to helps me to have new interesting features that fit your needs, on CodePlex, by mail or on Twitter :).

How to install it ?

You can download the application package from CodePlex or direclty from the Windows Store

How to install it from CodePlex, see the download page.
If you need to create your custom package signed by your PKI or if you need to change the logos used, please see Personalize the Windows 8 Company Store logo

Both versions will be affected by your Group Policy to deploy your custom StoreSettings.XML file. More information on the documentation page.

Learn how to download, install and use the client application that will allow you to install (Internal ModernUI apps) and launch all application (from the Store, internals ones or even legacy ones) on a Windows 8 computer.

This is now also available on Windows RT! (Launching of ModernUI application is not working on RT and not supported on Windows 8 and Windows RT)


Main page

Possible missing app message

Snapped view

Sub menu view 

And the XML file that could be deployed by GPP :

Example of Settings

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